Welcome to the AFI Distribution Group.  We are a Saskatchewan based, family owned business serving local and national markets.  Established in 2010, AFI Distribution Group was the result of 3 local and long tenured businesses coming together to create the only multi temperature warehouse and distribution business in Saskatchewan.  

AFI has facilities in Saskatoon and Regina, and is comprised of Aero Delivery, Fresh Pack Freezers and Fresh Pack Ice Makers, or as we like to say: Aero Freezers Ice

Prior to 2010, each respective business operated successfully in their own markets, but recognized a need for complimentary services – Aero focused on transportation but saw a greater need for warehouse, Fresh Pack Freezers offered storage but recognized a demand for transportation, and Fresh Pack Ice Makers saw an opportunity to have manufacturing, storage and transportation all under one roof.   

We are a true “one stop shop” for temperature and time sensitive goods.  We manage the logistics of your business so you don’t have to.  For further information please visit one of our sites below, or contact us at 306-242-6300 or sales@afigrp.ca For career inquires please contact recruiting@afigrp.ca


Multi temperature, less than truckload transportation throughout Western Canada.  We specialize in temperature and time sensitive commodities, food products and general freight.

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We are the largest cold storage facility in Saskatchewan.  Fresh, frozen and dry storage in a HACCP certified and CFIA registered facility.  We are the only meat inspection station in the province. 

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Saskatchewan’s largest producer of gourmet ice to the consumer and industrial markets. Our premium ice is the only Canadian product produced in a HACCP certified and CFIA registered facility.

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